Welcome Alumni!

Welcome to the Oakland City University Alumni Homepage.

As the Oakland City University Alumni Association President, I would like to welcome you to our new website. Here you will find information for nominations for Alumni Association Awards, events, and various news articles.

The mighty oak tree stands tall and strong. The branches of our tree spread far and wide all over the world. As our branches spread, we want to reach all students and give them a chance at a wonderful education. It is so important that they receive Scholarships just as most of us have. In the past, it has given us a chance to benefit in our jobs and personal growth. As an Alumni, we need to pass this along to others. The need is great. As a Mighty Oak, we depend on contributions to continue our legacy.

Your membership contribution funds Alumni Association Scholarships for OCU students and various alumni programs to strengthen the OCU family by connecting current students, Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends with one another.

Thank you for investing and giving through OCU. Your support moves our mission forward, "Enter to learn- Go forth and serve".



Oakland City University Alumni Association

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