100 by 100

As the student population at OCU grows, a growing concern sweeps over the campus environment, which concerns the relaxation health of OCU students. 

Websters defines Convergence as when two or more things come together to form a new whole. 

In a recent President’s Cabinet meeting, Associate Vice President for Student Life Brad Knotts introduced a product the Student Government Association sought to have constructed.  That product is the Kammok Weaver Community Hammock Lounge.  A fun social hub that accommodates eight hammocks, comfortably seating up to 16 people in a tight-knit community. 

Cabinet members discussed anchoring the structure and adding a cushioned area below with mulch for aesthetics and weed control. 

A location for the Community Hammock Lounge will be decided upon by the student body. 

Weaver Hammock Lounge

Now the convergence. 

2022-2023 Alumni Association Board President Kelly Hopper presented to the board an idea of asking 100 alums to donate $100 toward a project the Association could oversee that would support current and future students who will one day become alums.  A couple of ideas were bantered about.  The convergence was complete once the Hammock Lounge idea came before the Alumni board. 

Now, it is up to OCU alums to participate, to contribute $100 to the OCU Alumni Association to form the new whole by funding and handing the project off to Mr. Knotts and the OCU staff to finalize and install. 

Will you be one with a 100? 

To make a donation toward this project, contact James Wilder by phone at 812-749-1228, email [email protected], or click Donate Now.