Update on 100 by 100

Whether an Alumnus, a male graduate, or an Alumna, a female graduate or simply, Alum, a non-gender specific graduate, all Oakland City Alums qualify to be one of the 100 to contribute $100 in the 100 X 100 Oakland City University Alumni Association effort to build the Might Oak - Kammok Weaver Community Hammock Lounge.   


The Alumni Board wants to provide current and future students with an experience that will enhance their time at OCU.   

As of August 21, 2023, 28 alums have made that commitment to today’s students. 

Alum, contribute $100 today.  Be an example to the current students so they too will one day make the sacrifice for those who follow. 

Call 812.749.1228 and ask for James Wilder or e-mail James at [email protected].  James will help you through the process.