2024 Honors Day


On April 24th 2024, Oakland City University hosted its annual Honors Day Ceremony. The Honors Day Ceremony is a special day for students as honorary rewards and specific scholarships are awarded to a lucky pool of recipients.  

The awards ceremony honored the following awards to their respective recipients: 

  1. Alumni Scholarships – Dax Bailey, Gentry Clark, Elizebeth Fleck, Laney Graham, Eva Hudson, Gracie Mehringer, Kiefer Parsons, Issac Ross, Austyn Suter, Preston Wheeler, Mason Young, Luke Gamble, Hunter Hicks, Eric McDonald, Akeisha Stole. 
  2. Ambassador Award – Matias Rocha
  3. Ron Malin Student Support Services Endowment Scholarship – Lorraine Schwenzfeier
  4. Tri Kappa Award – Peyton Schoultz
  5. Chapman Award – Honor Tenhumburg
  6. Benoni Stinson Endowment Scholarship – Preston Wheeler
  7. Dr. Gary Barrett Biology Endowment Scholarship - Mia
  8. Dr. Jerry Phillips Endowment Scholarship – Simon Aponte Morales
  9. Michael Edward Deno Memorial Criminal Justice Award – Pamela Martinez
  10. Outstanding Communication Student Award – Maria Valero
  11. Outstanding Speech Student –Taylor Harmon
  12. 1 Outstanding Moot Court Student Award – Johnothan Hoppenstedt
  13. 13. Outstanding Psychology Student Award – Khlyoe Strickland
  14. 14. Honors Program Student Awards – Kataryna Kulynych, Johnothan Miller, Chad Sutton, Maria Valero
  15. 15. Paula Pendergrass Endowment Scholarship – Lorraine Schwentzman
  16. 16. Student Teacher of the Year – Elementary Level – Rebecca Hocking
  17. 17. Student Teacher of the Year – Secondary Level – Kennedy Blacklock
  18. 18. Business Leadership Awards – Abbygail Mathany, Mellanie Jordan
  19. 19. Olive Smith Award – Outstanding Business Students – Blake Pruitt , Aaron Busick
  20. Reynolds All Star Awards – Hunter Devine, Gehrig Tenhumberg
  21. Tony Blessinger Success Scholarship – Sebastian Baron Alzate
  22. Scholar Athlete Award – Aaron Busick
  23. Professor of the Year – Dr. Andrea Boyle

For those unable to attend, a video of the awards ceremony can be watched on Facebook.

*Updated June 4, 2024