ALICE Training on Campus

ALICE Training in Cornwell-Reed

On January 4th 2024, The Oakland City University Police Department held an ALICE training session on campus. ALICE is an extensive training program that prepares participants and emergency responders on how to react and handle an active shooter situation. ALICE stands for the steps on how to react to an active shooter situation such as:   

Alert - alert law enforcement and building occupants 

Lockdown - lockdown the room you are in 

Inform - inform law enforcement and communicate with others 

Counter - if needed, counter or fight back against the threat 

Evacuate - evacuate the building 

Officers from various departments attended as well as several OCU staff and Faculty Members. Participants of the Alice Training were taught how to respond to active shooter emergencies, survival techniques, and proper evacuation and crisis management procedures. 

The two-day seminar was organized by OCU Police Chief Michael McGregor and Alice coordinators. Participants also enjoyed some free promotional items from OCU! For more information about ALICE training, visit their website at