OCU Appoints Dr. Cathy Robb to Provost

Dr. Cathy Robb

After a nationwide search, Dr. Cathy Robb has been named Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Oakland City University.  President Ron D. Dempsey announced her appointment at an assembly of faculty members earlier this month.  Dempsey stated, "Dr. Cathy Robb has been an inspiring educator and leader since she stepped onto the campus in Oakland City.  She will now lead by maintaining a strong faculty and an innovative curriculum that balances the tenets of a liberal education with professional preparation." 

Dr. Robb started her duties on January 1, 2024.  Dr. Robb has been in education since 1993 and started as a Mighty Oak faculty member in 2013.  Her most recent position was the Dean and Professor of the School of Business.  Dr. Robb expresses, "I have seen education enrich students' lives through the power of learning." A big part of her life has been dedicated to crafting a career as a professional educator and a servant leader.  In accepting her new position, OCU agreed that Dr. Robb would continue to hold faculty rank, as she requested.  Dr. Robb stated, "I am passionate about teaching and impacting change towards making improvements, which is why becoming Provost at OCU is a perfect fit for me." At OCU, Dr. Robb has taught and developed nearly 20 classes in the business department.  She has a Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Education, Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Education, Bachelor of Science in Business, Bachelor of Science in Education, and Associate of Science.