OCU Holds 3rd Annual Scholastic Contest

On  Wednesday, February 7th, 225 students from 12 area high schools poured into Oakland City University for the third annual OCU Scholastic Contest.  President Dr. Ron Dempsey welcomed the students and advisors before introducing contest coordinator Dr. Sarah Wilson, Director of the Honors Program and Associate Professor of Chemistry.  Professor Wilson guided the Scholastic Contest participants through the scheduled activities before introducing them to their university student guides.

Oakland City University faculty, staff, and students helped administer the 12 subject exams and awards ceremony.

The exam subjects included:

  • Algebra: Algebra skills, equations, and concepts.
  • American Government: Formation, structure, and principles of American government.
  • American History: American history from the colonial period to the present.
  • Biology: Principles of biology.
  • Chemistry: Principles of chemistry, physical science, and critical thinking skills.
  • Computer Science: Principles of abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development.
  • Economics: Basic principles of macro and microeconomics.
  • English Grammar: Fundamentals of English grammar.
  • Literature: American and British Literature.
  • Psychology: Principles of psychology.
  • Western Civilization: Western Civilization from the Ancient Near East to the present.
  • World Geography: Principles of geography and identification of major world regions.

The top three students from the participating schools were awarded gold, silver, or bronze medallions in each subject category.  Those winners were as follows:


Gold – Max Wahl / (Gibson Southern High School)

Silver – Lily Hagan / (Mt. Vernon High School)

Bronze – Olivia Cox / (Gibson Southern High School)

American Government:

Gold – Aiden Loveless / (Gibson Southern High School)

Silver – Devon Rodriguez-Davis / (Princeton Community High School)

Bronze – Reis Whitney (Loogootee High School)

American History:

Gold – Jaden Baugh / (Pike Central High School)

Silver – Elijah Schlottman / (Wood Memorial High School)

Bronze – Sam Krapf / (Jasper High School)


Gold – Gage Maglis / (High School)

Silver – Carson Brook / (High School)

Bronze – Ashley Greene / (High School)


Gold – Noah Humbert / (Princeton Community High School)

Silver – Carson Book / (Jasper High School)

Bronze – Tyler DeCoursey / (Pike Central High School)

Computer Science:

Gold – Bobby Marsh / (Hancock County High School)

Silver – Alex Dooley / (Northeast Dubois Senior High School)

Bronze – Luke Guy / (Loogootee High School)


Gold – Landon Kiesel / (Gibson Southern High School)

Silver – Aaron Meny / (Gibson Southern High School)

Bronze – Jaden Baugh / (Pike Central High School)

English Grammar:

Gold – Haley Hallett / (Jasper High School)

Silver – McKenna Dauby / (Princeton Community High School)

Bronze – Emma Craven / (Princeton Community High School)


Gold – Josie Page / (Wood Memorial High School)

Silver – Wil Morton / (Wood Memorial High School)

Bronze – Celeste Santiago-Sacare / (Washington Catholic High School)


Gold – Devon Rodriguez-Davis / Princeton Community High School)

Silver – Emma Fisher / (Mt. Vernon High School)

Bronze – Claudia Burton / (Southridge High School)

Western Civilization:

Gold – Elijah Schlottman / (Wood Memorial High School)

Silver – Reis Whitney / (Loogootee High School)

Bronze – Ryken Chandler / (Loogootee High School)

World Geography:

Gold – Luke Guy / (Loogootee High School)

Silver – Jack Britton / (Jasper High School)

Bronze – Kenneth Gerard / (Pike Central High School)

Top Three Schools:

Schools received three points for each first-place finish, two points for each second-place finish, and one point for each third-place finish.  First-, second-, and third-place trophies were awarded to schools based on the most points received.

First Place – Gibson Southern High School / Advisor – Mr. Joe Mraz

Second Place - Princeton Community High School / Advisors – Ms. Maddi Ausenbaugh

Third Place – Jasper High School / Advisor – Ms. Kathy Overton