OCU School of Business Graduate Program 

As I think about all of the options available for a graduate degree from the School of Business at Oakland City University, I can't help but reflect on my own experience.  Several years ago, I completed a Master of Science degree from OCU.  While pursuing my degree, there was only one path: driving to Evansville one night a week for two years straight.  We now have many options for busy adult students with a family or graduating students who want to begin their careers and take classes simultaneously.  All those years ago, my experience was exemplary, and I strive to deliver that same experience to current students!  It is my pleasure to serve as the Director of Graduate Studies for the School of Business. 

Degrees Available 

The OCU School of Business offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science in Strategic Management (MSSM).  The MSSM has concentrations in the following areas:  leadership, human resources, quality, and logistics.  There are 11 classes required to complete either degree, which are offered online and face-to-face on the OCU campus.  The concentration in human resources was just added and includes the option to take a preparatory class to sit for the Society for HR Management (SHRM) certification test, which is universally applicable. 


4+1 is a program designed to meet the needs of students who want to pursue a graduate degree right after completing their Bachelor's Degree.  Two classes students may take at the undergraduate level will also count toward the graduate level.  They are MGT 438/Leadership and MGT 465/Research Methods.  If students take classes in the summer, they could complete the degree in one year.  Many classes are offered face-to-face on campus and taught by full-time faculty.  This is a great opportunity for students with a COVID year in athletics.  We have approximately ten students enrolled for the fall semester of 2023. 

Toyota Site Classes 

The School of Business offers graduate classes on-site for Toyota employees.  This partnership has been in operation for four years.  We have graduated approximately 25 students, and the current enrollment is around ten.  Classes are taught by highly qualified full-time and adjunct faculty.  Toyota is a vital contributor to the community, and it is the privilege of OCU to deliver graduate programs at the plant.  

We also schedule on-campus undergraduate students to take Toyota plant tours, and several of the Toyota graduate students come in and talk to the students about the operation of auto manufacturing and the myriad of careers available there. 

Online Classes 

The graduate program is also offered online to meet the demand of the working adult who cannot take face-to-face classes.  Classes are offered in eight-week sessions, and all materials are provided online.  See below for students' testimonials regarding graduate classes. 

From Our Students

Madeline Hoppenstedt

Madeline Hoppenstedt

When I decided to pursue my Master's degree, I immediately thought of OCU because I know the business professors and instructors who teach at OCU are the best in the business.  The online courses are engaging, and the content is extremely relevant to working professionals like myself.  While the coursework is intellectually challenging, the workload is not overwhelming, making it possible for students like me, juggling full-time employment and family obligations, to achieve their degrees and advance their careers.

Alton Cummings

Alton Cummings

OCU's fully Online MBA/MSM program provided me the flexibility to complete my Master's while being cost-effective.  During my time in the program, I controlled my schedule and worked closely with my academic advisor and instructors.  My main goal was to find a fully accredited program that I could pay out of pocket without taking out loans.  Each professor is knowledgeable, helpful, and an expert in their field.  Their ability to answer questions and provide guidance helped me make the most of my experience.  My time at OCU has been exceptional and prepared me to pursue my Ed.D.  The journey was a financial blessing, and I gained ever-lasting relationships with my cohort members and faculty.

Dr. Jervais McDaniel

Dr. Jervaise McDaniel

Dr. Jervaise McDaniel is a Professor in the School of Business and Director of Graduate Studies for the School of Business.

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